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Forklift Mechanical Attachments

  • Forklift Spare Parts & Forks
    HEZE Forklift Forks

    HEZEForkliftForks Advantage Design ØLoad testing: 1 million times ØMaterial: 40Cr; 35CrMo ØFully heat treated to 280-320HB ØHook material: 20Cr, 35Cr, 40Cr; mould forged, high durability and precision ØEach single forklift fork has passed hardness test and crack test (magnetic poder test in dark room)

  • forklift forks slippers
    Material handling fork extensions

    HEZE fork extensions is the best choice to extend the length of fork to the max of 1.6 times length fork. Other sizes are available according to customers requirements. And surface treatment are optional between painted and galvanized.

  • Forklift Wheel Forks Attachments
    Wheel Forks Attachments

     HEZE Forklift Wheel Forks are mechanical forks designed to reduce costs through pallet-less handling. Wheel forks are perfect for container loading, it allow for products such as bulk bags, cartons and other bagged products to be transported and loaded, using slip sheets where required, thereby eliminating the use of pallets.

  • CRN65 Container  Ramp
    Wholesale Container Loading Ramps

    Container Loading Rampsis designed to allow your forklift access into standard shipping containers from ground level, as well as be used for vehicles loading from a raised dock. We typically supplied in 6500Kg or 1000Kg capacities to suit your operations, though others are available on request.

  • Self dumping hoppers
    Self dumping hopper steel tipping bins 1.2m3 D-150-LD

    HEZE tipping bins ( also called dumping hopper) are wide application, super-low height design, easy operation, safe and practical. It is the best tool for collecting waste, such as lathe, cutting machine, sawing machine, etc.  

  • Galvanised crane jib attachment FJL25
    Crane lifting equipment adjustable fork pallet hook

    Jib Attachment Widely used, easy to install and supplied with swivel safety hook and alloy shackle This slip-on attachment is held to the forklift by a safety chain.

  • suspended working platform
    Forklift Safety Cage

    HEZE working platform suitable for working at height,ensure secure,reliable and comfortable Self-closing gate with shackle is supplied to avoid its accidental open and ensure safety of operators.

  • Forklift glass operater
    Mechanical Glass Handler

     HEZE Mechanical Glass Handler widely used by glasses manufactures or dealers,and help to saving investment  effectively.As long as the capacity of customer’s forklifts are available,elongation length can be customized  according to special needs.

  • Forklift Roll prong attachments
    Forklift Attachment Slip-on Roll Prong

    HEZE Forklift roll prong is designed for carrying cargoes with a center hole,such as carpet roll,cable roll  and tire etc.

  • Industrial steel sweeper
    Forklift industrial road sweeper broom truck

    HEZE Forklift road sweeper attachment can widely sweep or move grain,rubbish,sand,gravel,rock,   and many other materials.Sweep materials such as plastic shrinkwrap and welding wire which can't be swe pt with rotary brooms or vacuum sweepers. Industry Used: 1) Farming    2)Agriculture   3) Grain handing  4) Waste  5) Mining   6) Other

  • Dirt Bucket For Sale
    Forklift Steel Buckets Attachments

    HEZE buckets for forklift are designed to handling sands, stone, pebble, dirt, wasteand so on. It can be  easily installed on your forklift then help you operate the cargo conveniently and rapidly.

  • Snow Plough For Forklift
    Forklift mounted snow plough snow plow blade

     HEZE Forklift Snow Plow is designed to be used on forklifts or stacker for clearing light barriers like snows and sludge.

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