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Forklift Mechanical Attachments

  • Forklift Spill Pallets
    Oil spill container platform pallet steel storage tray suppliers

    HEZE Forklift Spill Pallets offers a complete protection against damaging and costly chemical spills. Models catering for up to four 4 drums or to suit the 1000 litre International Bulk Container (IBC). All models have a spill capacity of at least 110% of the largest drum in accordance with Australian Standards,Being classified as ‘portable’ units,and have a zinc plated finish.

  •  HEZE -BSN6 brick cages
    Forklift Goods Cages

    HEZE -BSN6 brick cages is designed to convey pallets of bricks or similar materials via crane. Suitable  for 1200mm square pallets.

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