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High Quality Good Cages
  • Inverta Push Forklift Attachment
    Forklift attachment Bag Load Push Pull

    Forklift attachment bag load push pull is designed for heavy use under harsh conditions. Non-slipshe eted goods can be pushed into position with brute force against other loads in order to create straight  positioning and to optimize space inside sea containers.

  • Forklift No Arm Clamps
    Forklift No Arm Clamps Attachment

    Forklift No Arm Clamps Attachment is a kind of clamping device that isn't equipped with clamp arm , only have the clamp arm base. Users can make special clamp arm according to your special needs, just welding it on no-arm clamp then can be used. Suitable for industry with special requirements for handling and stacking operation.

  • suspended working platform
    Forklift Safety Cage

    HEZE working platform suitable for working at height,ensure secure,reliable and comfortable Self-closing gate with shackle is supplied to avoid its accidental open and ensure safety of operators.

  •  HEZE -BSN6 brick cages
    Forklift Goods Cages

    HEZE -BSN6 brick cages is designed to convey pallets of bricks or similar materials via crane. Suitable  for 1200mm square pallets.

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