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Revolving Hydraulic Square Bale Handler
  • Big Opening Range Bale Clamp Equipment
    Heavy Duty Bale Clamps With Big Opening Range

    HEZE heavy duty bale clamps is designed to handle heavy bale products whose weight are from 4.0  Tons to 6.5 Tons.   HEZE  heavy duty bale clamps is used for handling of various forms of soft bales safety and efficient ly,such as cotton, textile, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay and industrial scrap material, widely used for and  stacking without pallet in paper making, textile, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling, ports and other  industries.

  • Forklift Attachments Rotator
    Hydraulic Forklift Attachments Rotator

    HEZE degree rotator can Rolling over 360º,and can be widely used in food industry, chemical industry, sanitation industry, recycle industry, smelt casting industry, etc.

  •  Big Heavy Duty Rotators
    Big Heavy Reliable Duty Strength Rotators

    Heavy duty rotatorsare widely used in food processing automotivemanufacturing,chemical processing, recycling operations, smelting and casting operations, and general manufacturing. You are welcome to contact us if you need higher capacity rotators or total solutions of your busi ness.

  • Hydraulic Products Tobacco Carton Clamp
    Hydraulic ProductsTobacco Carton Clamps

    Tobacco carton clampsApplicable in such fields as storage, home electric appliance and electronics for handlingand stacking paper carton goods without a tray.

  • Forklift  Hydraulic Side Shifter
    Forklift Hydraulic Heavy Duty Sideshifters

    Big heavy dutySideshiftersare the most common attachment installed in forklift, allowingside shiftingof 150mm both goods, thus greatly improves the flexibility and moving efficiency of the forklift sideshifting.It is s uitable for various occasions using for moving and stacking.

  • Push Pull For Forklift
    Hydraulic Cylinder Push Pull Machine

    Forklift Push Pull Attachmentcan pull and push light goods pack with the help of sliding plate instead of pallet( eg. cardboard) safely and efficiently. Only use sliding plate to realize loading, stacking, and reuse cardboard (only for Sliding Plate Reatinable Model ) .It can greatly improve production efficiency, saving the cost . It can be widely used in electronics, food, light industry and other industries.

  • Forklift Inverta Push Clamp
    360 Degree Inverta Push Clamps For Forklift

     HEZE revolving push-off applied to the carrying, loading, unloading and stacking with pallets of bagged goods (especially for soft bagged goods) such as plastic particles, cement, chemical fertilizer, fodder, rice,etc. Without manual work, the goods can be revolved 180 degree,pushed off and pallets can betaken out, being safe, efficient and labor saving.

  • waste paper hinged broke handler
    Chemical Fiber Hinged Broke Handler

     This Material handling clamp hinged broke handler s are designed fof effectively ansd safely tran sporting and stacking all different kinds of waste. Our Forklift Attachment hinged broke handler are widly  used in paper making, printing, newspaper publishing and other round size projects loading/unloading  operration. Enamel paint finish.

  • Multi -Purpose Clamps
    Revolving multi-purpose clamps for cartons or metals

    Multi purpose clamp can efficiently and economically handle almost any type of paper carton, wooden carton, metal carton and baled products without work platform including tobacco, newsprint, chemical fiber, workshop and port, etc.

  • Forklift Glass Handling Equipment Handler
    HEZE Forklift Attachment Steel Glass Handler

    Mechanical glass handler Integrating the functions of clamping and side shifting,is widely used by glasses manufactures or dealers, and help to saving investment effectively. As long as the capacity of customer's forklifts are available, elongation length can be customized according to special needs.

  • Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
    2 Tons to 3 Tons Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

    Characters: v One copper core oil valve group, oil pump service life long v Oil leak proof and reliable hydraulic system v Three section of plastic handle and its strong light steel structure v Optional: material wheel, load roller type, fork size, color  

  • Large Oil Cylinder Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
    2 Tons Large Oil Cylinder Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

    Characters: v Light structure design v Vehicle light weight, flexible operation v New large oil cylinder, long service life v Optional: material wheel, fork size, color  

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