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Rotating Bag Load Push
  • Paper Roll Clamps
    360 Rotation Single Arm Paper Roll Clamps

    Paper Roll Clamps 1.0 Tons to 2.7 Tons Function: HEZE 360 degree paper roll clamps are applied to transporting and stacking all kinds of paper roll effectively andsafelyin papermaking, printing, packing industry, etc.

  • Big Opening Range Bale Clamp Equipment
    Heavy Duty Bale Clamps With Big Opening Range

    HEZE heavy duty bale clamps is designed to handle heavy bale products whose weight are from 4.0  Tons to 6.5 Tons.   HEZE  heavy duty bale clamps is used for handling of various forms of soft bales safety and efficient ly,such as cotton, textile, wool, pulp, waste paper, hay and industrial scrap material, widely used for and  stacking without pallet in paper making, textile, chemical fiber, waste paper recycling, ports and other  industries.

  • Steel Drum Clamp For Forklift
    Forklift Attachments 4 Drums Drum Clamps For Forklift

    HEZE rotating drum clamps are used wherever product is stored in drums, including the petroleum,chemical and food processing industries. CNB forklift drum clamps improve productivity by allowing forklift driver to handle up to four drums per load. In addition, the use of a drum clamp allows the driver to securely grip the drums for transporting. This eliminates instability during braking and cornering, which is a common problem when attempting to handle drum with conventional forks.

  • Forklift Rotate Tires Clamp
    Forklift Rotating Tyre Clamps

    Forklift rotate tires clamp is for heavy duty apply to tire, paper, printing and transport industries. With 360°rotation and excellent visibility, practical and easy to use.

  • Rotating Fork Clamps
    Forklift Rotating Fork Clamps

     Rotating Fork Clamps not only can be used for holding cargos, but also be used for forking goods wi th pallet. Improve transport efficiency, reduce the damage of tray. Fork clamps applied to tobacco, paper making, chemical fiber, workshop, ports and other industries. Rapid handing and stacking operation.

  • Inverta Push Forklift Attachment
    Forklift attachment Bag Load Push Pull

    Forklift attachment bag load push pull is designed for heavy use under harsh conditions. Non-slipshe eted goods can be pushed into position with brute force against other loads in order to create straight  positioning and to optimize space inside sea containers.

  • Push Pull For Forklift
    Hydraulic Cylinder Push Pull Machine

    Forklift Push Pull Attachmentcan pull and push light goods pack with the help of sliding plate instead of pallet( eg. cardboard) safely and efficiently. Only use sliding plate to realize loading, stacking, and reuse cardboard (only for Sliding Plate Reatinable Model ) .It can greatly improve production efficiency, saving the cost . It can be widely used in electronics, food, light industry and other industries.

  • Forklift Inverta Push Clamp
    360 Degree Inverta Push Clamps For Forklift

     HEZE revolving push-off applied to the carrying, loading, unloading and stacking with pallets of bagged goods (especially for soft bagged goods) such as plastic particles, cement, chemical fertilizer, fodder, rice,etc. Without manual work, the goods can be revolved 180 degree,pushed off and pallets can betaken out, being safe, efficient and labor saving.

  • CRN65 Container  Ramp
    Wholesale Container Loading Ramps

    Container Loading Rampsis designed to allow your forklift access into standard shipping containers from ground level, as well as be used for vehicles loading from a raised dock. We typically supplied in 6500Kg or 1000Kg capacities to suit your operations, though others are available on request.

  • BMP Series Dumpster Bin
    BMP Dumpster Bins Volume

    BMP Series Dumpster Bins are the ideal way to hoist product and then empty quickly using the rear  leg lift points.These bins are supplied with a 6 Leg Lift .There are several sizes available and they are  supplied standard in a painted enamel finish.

  • LC Series Skip Bins Volum
    LC Skip Bins Volume 6 cbm to 17 cbm

    LC Series Skip Bins   Widely application,super-low height design,easy operation,safe and practical,and it is the best tool for collecting waste,such as lathe,cutting machine and sawing machine,ect.

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