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Steel Dumping Skip
  • Forklift Attachment Forks Clamps
    High Quality Forklift Fork Clamps With Sideshift

    Forklift Sideshifting Fork clamps operate both as a clamp and a fork positioner.But unlike conventional fork positioners,

  • Multi -Purpose Clamps
    Revolving multi-purpose clamps for cartons or metals

    Multi purpose clamp can efficiently and economically handle almost any type of paper carton, wooden carton, metal carton and baled products without work platform including tobacco, newsprint, chemical fiber, workshop and port, etc.

  • Forklift Glass Handling Equipment Handler
    HEZE Forklift Attachment Steel Glass Handler

    Mechanical glass handler Integrating the functions of clamping and side shifting,is widely used by glasses manufactures or dealers, and help to saving investment effectively. As long as the capacity of customer's forklifts are available, elongation length can be customized according to special needs.

  • Forklift Steel Pipe Clamp
    Forklift Attachment Steel Pipe Clamps

    Steel Pipe Clamps Widely used in construction, logistics industries for handling the steel pipe etc.the  functions of tipping and withhold can greatly improve the flexibility of the forklift and handling efficiency.

  • 3 Tons Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
    2 Tons to 3 Tons Imported Steel Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

    Characters: v Adopt imported high quality steel v The vehicle design is light, the operation is simple and convenient v Three section of plastic handle v Optional: material wheel, load roller type,fork size, color  

  • Self dumping hoppers
    Self dumping hopper steel tipping bins 1.2m3 D-150-LD

    HEZE tipping bins ( also called dumping hopper) are wide application, super-low height design, easy operation, safe and practical. It is the best tool for collecting waste, such as lathe, cutting machine, sawing machine, etc.  

  • Forklift Wheel Forks Attachments
    Wheel Forks Attachments

     HEZE Forklift Wheel Forks are mechanical forks designed to reduce costs through pallet-less handling. Wheel forks are perfect for container loading, it allow for products such as bulk bags, cartons and other bagged products to be transported and loaded, using slip sheets where required, thereby eliminating the use of pallets.

  • Industrial steel sweeper
    Forklift industrial road sweeper broom truck

    HEZE Forklift road sweeper attachment can widely sweep or move grain,rubbish,sand,gravel,rock,   and many other materials.Sweep materials such as plastic shrinkwrap and welding wire which can't be swe pt with rotary brooms or vacuum sweepers. Industry Used: 1) Farming    2)Agriculture   3) Grain handing  4) Waste  5) Mining   6) Other

  • forklift Self  Dumping Hopper
    D Series Dumpping Hoppers Volume 0.2 cbm to 2.7 cbm

    Forklift Self Dumping Hopper Wide application,super-low height design,easy operation,safe and practi cal,and it is the best tool for collecting waste,such as lathe,cutting machine and sawing machine,etc.

  • steel dumping skip
    CSD Series Dumpping Hoppers Volume 0.95 cbm to 2.0 cbm

    The economical type CSD Tipping Bin is a self dumping bin suitable for most waste handling applica tions. Being a nesting bin, it uses minimum of space for storage and transport.

  • SK Series steel dumping skip
    SK Series Skip Bins Volume 2cbm to 10 cbm

    SK Skip Bins Mainly used as containers or trash bins to store and transport th e waster or raw material .

  • SB Series Skip Bins
    SB Skip Bins Volume 2cbm to 6 cbm

    SB Skip Bins Volume Wide application,super-low height design,easy operation,safe and practical,and it is the best tool for collecting waste,such as lathe,cutting machine and sawing machine,ect.

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